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I hope that my leaving is just a minor hurt
Yet knowing that worse leads to worse
And how fretting multiplies, but starts inert
I will remind you of what we have with verse

Our love is like an ice box that sits bold
In the corner of a kitchen, dormant and hushed
A warm lifeline feeding and keeping the insides cold
Even as it works at its own pace, never rushed

The best goodbye would be in the box’s back
Taken only when loneliness paints the dark skies
Then, it would be drawn from the very last rack
Like a pint of rocky road in “Comfort Me” size

So I say, with love entwined in lines and feet
Despite the curving paths that fate has drawn
Despite the yards and miles, we are complete.
Remember me whenever the little bulb turns on.
Written in a John Donne style. Had to have a metaphysical conceit and a paradox. :3

First, I hated this poem so much. But now that I've redone it, I feel better. <3
VyvianLee Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
It's better than it used to be! XD Not your best work, but it's kinda cute <3
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March 23, 2009
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